BOOST AI - Website Redesign

UI desgin + sketch

Tools and technologies

Balsamiq + Adobe XD


I played around with new design concept for BOOST AI website. My goal with this design was to create something clean and beautiful that allowed website personality to show through. So, if a visitor lands on the website they’ll be able to quickly see what the website is all about and decide whether or not they want to dive deeper into the website content. So, my idea was to create one-page site with a clean modern design and clear messages. This was my visual concept when I applied for designers job in BOOST AI.



Profile is a Scandinavian software company that specializes in conversational artificial intelligence (AI). Boost AI has created James™, a virtual assistant that responds to enquiries efficiently and with unrivalled quality. He doesn’t mind spelling mistakes, slang or dialects, and can even detect and react to human emotions. James™ is currently able to speak and understand Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, English and Spanish, and is always ready to learn new languages. He never has a bad day at the office and works continuously 365 days a year.

Before & After


Boost Redesign

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