Bon Appétit


Tools and technologies

Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision


I have been inspired by my friend who is a restaurant owner to create Bon Appetit mobile application. Bon Appetit means good appetite. Bon Appetit Restaurant serves salmon, hamburger and drinks at affordable price! You could get a free delivery if you use this application orders. This app is mostly used by young people who like good food.


Create mobile restaurant app that will provide users with a simple and engaging way to fit their needs. The biggest advantage of these kind of restaurant mobile app is that it is used anywhere anytime. Very less maintenance.

The main goals of this project were:

  1. Develop a user flows and site structure for the mobile app

  2. Create iterative wireframes and create interactive prototypes

User Flow


Worflow description

  • 1. Splash page - when a user clicks an icon this page should be seen

  • 2. Log in page – next page after splash page

  • 3. Profile page – this screen shows all the categories of the products

  • 4. Category page – this screen shows all the categories of the products

  • 5. Item page – a visible add to cart button

  • 6. Checkout page – shows credit card info and big purchase now icon


The style of this application is User Friendly, clean and modern design. I have created app for specific group of people who are trying to locate a particular piece of data or finish a job fast. I made the following six Main Screen Pages with descriptions:

image image image image